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Why do Investors Incur Losses?

 Excessive emotionality;
Lack of practical experience;

Expectations to earn more;
Lack of knowledge;

Misunderstanding of the rules for risk diversification  

Why Consider Outsourcing?

CHATTERJI SUBHRENDU - Accounting Outsourcing and Consulting,
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Who Benefits and Why?
Tax changes, in particular, new and more strict tax laws caused corporate management to focus on legislation norms. As a result, information demand of verification results by state-authorized bodies and tax legislation maintenance has increased in a short period of time.

Outsourcing or joint implementation of functions decreases the risk of error, assists tax planning, and saves time - a very valuable asset of corporate management.

From a professional perspective you receive the following:

  • Experience and technology use of specialized organizations that can lead maintenance of tax legislation process in various legislative institutions;
  • Modern elements of management;
  • Supplementation of the lack of professional knowledge that exists while operating in different spheres and tax regimes.

What do we give?
Our tax outsourcing is a well-processed operating system run by professionals. We constantly improve the knowledge of our workers, long-term information accumulation, professional processes, and technologies.

We aim to maintain legislation requirements, effective management of taxation and tax risk, and customer tax optimization while conducting tax outsourcing. The accounting department of the client-organization carries out the current accounting, while London Business Group professionals prepare analyses of taxation matters and reports.

London Business Group suggests the following tax outsourcing services:

  • Consulting and recommendations on tax planning;
  • Support during accounting implementation;
  • Corporate taxes and Indirect observance of tax legislation.

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