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Hiring Smart People and Dictating Them What to Do Makes No Sense. We Hire Professionals Who Tell Us What to Do.

A good manager understands:
- Good management is a way of achieving goals with limited resources. 
- Solving a problem by maintaining the same mindset and approach that caused it, is impossible. 
- The secret of success lies not under the decision made, but in the method that guided towards it. 

About Us

ROBERT JAMES WOODBRIDGE - Founding Partner of the Company's Audit Department,
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

How can you distinguish true professionals to serve your business from those who lack the necessary expertise? Perhaps, many businessmen have asked themselves this question from time to time. Successful businessmen hold as precious two key resources: their time and their money. No good businessman will wish to waste these precious resources on inadequate professional services, especially as high-quality advice involves complex legal, tax, and financial issues. After all, the profession of a financial adviser is similar in some ways to the work of a doctor. The doctor is responsible for the health of the patient, whereas the financial adviser is responsible for the health of your business.

"The Ideal” accounting and auditing firm- serving the best interests of its clients

So, what qualities should the "ideal" auditing company possess? Of course, deep technical knowledge of financial matters, wide and varied business experience, a fine image and a good reputation are required. Besides, the company staff should comprise highly skilled and qualified professionals, true experts in financial matters with the capacity to handle complex, legal, tax, and accounting issues. The client needs to have experts available to it that can help them to avoid tax and accounting crises and to defend their interests at all times. Just as important, is to help the client develop accurate accounting reports. In medical language it'll be said: the doctor needs accurate diagnosis before treating the health of the patient, whereas the businessman needs accurate accounts, or "financial diagnosis," to support key decisions such as product pricing and operating costs and to facilitate the attraction of investment.

From theory to practice

Well, we can not solve all your problems but we can solve the accounting, tax, and auditing ones. We are always ready to help you with:

  • Preparation of financial statements, and the conduct, establishment, or restoration of bookkeeping,
  • Drawing up accounting reports and solvency reports,
  • Carrying out an audit of the accounts (whether required by law or voluntary)
  • Preparation of tax returns as well as tax planning and optimization.
  • Consulting on accounting systems, supporting IT and business plans

Meanwhile, we also provide services in the legal aspects of tax and accounting. Therefore you can always ask us for help on these issues.

Why should you apply to us? Let's answer this question together, assorting "on shelves" the criteria of the "ideal" auditing company. To begin with let’s address the most important factor - the professional experience.

Successful experience in the sphere of auditing services since 1999

Our firm was established in 1999; during this period competent accounting experts were very scarce and worth their weight in gold. From that time we concentrated on building an experienced and professionally qualified team. We are proud that we succeeded in this objective. Today our firm has a team of skilled bookkeepers, taxation specialists, auditors, financiers, and IT experts of the highest caliber. Therefore if you ask for our help, you can be assured that we know how to find the best solutions.

Technical innovations

Back in 1999, we lacked some technical and material resources. But since then, a lot of things have changed for the better. We have invested in technology and grown our firm.

Today our company is the official partner of the company "Armenian Software". All the processes of development and data storage are completely automated. For maintenance of safety and confidentiality of the information, we deploy advanced methods and technologies, such as repeated reservation and cross data storage. Besides, we carry out regular control and monitoring of the condition of information databases and server RAID-files. Therefore having concluded a contract with us for accounting services or audit of the financial activity of your company, you can rest assured that all data of your business is in reliable hands.

Non-standard solutions

Each business has its own unique characteristics. There are no businesses with identical operations. Therefore the main priority of our firm is to deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients, that take account of their unique features.

We co-operate with enterprises of various sizes and spheres of operation, ranging from small private businesses to large business groups. Several schemes of accounting service and financial audit are used in our company in order to serve the interests of all our clients. Having sought our assistance, you can always choose the variant of cooperation that is most appropriate to your case. We guarantee that our service will be no more and no less than what is strictly necessary to meet your objectives.

Our company is able to deliver innovative ideas, handle complex issues because we have developed a thoroughly professional team.

Our firm has developed modern standards and techniques for carrying out the auditing inspection in correspondence with international standards. Our methods and techniques enable us to provide the highest quality of auditing services in the shortest time and at optimal cost.

The principles that we apply to the analysis and inspection of data of accounting and tax records, as well as the elimination of infringements to avoid penal sanctions, have an innovative approach. While the audit is being carried out, our experts provide consulting concerning bookkeeping and preparing of the financial reports and taxation returns. Finally, we prepare a detailed report for the client which contains conclusions and recommendations for correction of accounting or procedural errors, suggestions for improving the efficiency of the company’s accounting and related activities, and other aspects that may arise during the course of the audit.

We always serve the best interests of our clients. This service goes beyond the preparation of accounting documents and includes tax advice designed to minimize, within the law, our clients' exposure to taxation.

“An expert”- it sounds proud!

We believe we have earned this title but this does not mean we are complacent. We are dedicated to a continual process of improving the quality of service that we can offer our clients. If you are really interested in high-level auditing, taxation, and accounting services, we will be happy to help.

Business is a machine to get profit. We know how to make this machine work for you!

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