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Accounting and Tax Recording

ZORI ZORYAN - Accounting and Tax Consulting

We will carry out your accounting and tax reporting on the basis of your economic operations primary documents delivered by your employees. Based on the systematization of documents recorded in electronic accounting software registers your accounting and tax reports are compiled, as well as the extra-budgetary fund insurance payments and statistical reports. Afterward, they are submitted to the relevant bodies.

When is this Service Needed? Who Needs?
- First of all, an organization that is interested in having high-quality accounting and tax reporting that is conducted and controlled by highly qualified accountants and auditors.
- This service can be useful for any business entity for which maintaining an accounting department is not expedient due to its operation volume. As a rule, those are small and medium-sized businesses with relatively small turnover.

Features and Deadlines of the Service
The course of services depends on your needs and agreements between us. As a rule, it consists of your primary operational documents transferred to us within the timeframe, and on our calculation and presentation of accounting and tax information as a result of carrying out necessary professional functions. We can carry out your everyday tax reports and bank operations as well.

Service Price
- The monthly amount of service compiles from 15,000 AMD (in case of a passive organization) and usually does not exceed 350,000 AMD.
- The service price depends on the number of transactions subjected to recording, activities, your additional requirements, and in any case, it costs less than your own accounting costs would compile.

What do You Get?
You acquire an organization of high-quality accounting, consulting on your important business transactions and tax consequences, accounting, tax, and other timely manner reports to the state bodies.
Therefore, you can concentrate on your business by receiving the necessary support from the London Business Group.

Most importantly you acquire confidence in the fairness of your accounting and tax reporting, and that your interests will be safely protected even in spite of tax officers’ special eagerness, as well as in courts and other instances.

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