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How to Choose a Reliable Accounting and Tax Partner?

SHUSHAN CHALYAN - Tax Consulting,
Tax law expert

Organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed to new trends in tax regulation, not just locally but globally. Our attitudes to tax changes are as follows: thinking beyond the present to deliver long-lasting value. Our company’s understanding of tax governance, specialist skills, and deep industry knowledge help you to stay competitive and compliant.

One cooperation method: the accounting may be conducted by the accounts departments of our clients but London Business Group professionals will thoroughly inspect all operations from a tax mitigation perspective.

How to choose a reliable accounting and tax partner?
Ask the service provider to substantiate:
- Are there any certified auditors among the staff?
- Does the company have internal lawyers?
- Does the company have an attempt of defending clients' interests in court?
- How many auditors, accountants, and lawyers are working?
- How the data storage is organized?
- What additional services can be provided?

Only an auditing company can maintain high-quality accounting and tax reporting.

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