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London Business Group can provide independent audit services designed to enhance the reliability of information prepared by clients for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders, including country-specific statutory requirements. Audit services also include a range of other forms of attestation reports.

Financial Statement Audit 

An independent audit of financial statements first of all contributes to investor confidence and therefore to the effective functioning of capital markets.

London Business Group’s audit approach is based on a consistent methodology developed to comply with International Standards on Auditing. It is built on the basis of core principles relating to professional integrity, independence and ethical behaviour with which all partners and staff must comply. Professionals of the auditing teams are enhanced by an established set of supervision, review and consultation standards and technologies and tools. Teams are enhanced with necessary technical and information bases. The full range of international audit expertise is brought to bear on our work. In London Business Group everything is designed to help teams focus on the issues that impact on audit judgments and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit.

We provide full support to ensure that our audit teams operate with the best professional knowledge. Compliance with professional norms is under regular control and monitoring by our specialists.


Skilled and diligent professionals are always encouraged in London Business Group. Professional standards are considered to be as follows:

  • professional skills,
  • compliance with norms of ethics,
  • professional collaboration with all experts and management of our company,
  • accumulation of information on the practice and expertise and changing business environment. 

We are always available to share our  professional knowledge with You.

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